Friday, April 30, 2010

Port Antonio – April 8 N18.10 W076.27

Port Antonio is an International Port of Call for check-in-out with Customs and Immigration.  We arrived at the fuel dock and filled up before heading over to the Errol Flynn Yacht Club.  We were greeted by a handful of dock hands here to help with the lines and welcome us to this historic Yacht Club founded by one of the all time great American actors and beau vivants.  We were among a handful of other yachts in the bay and went to sleep being one of the largest.  We awoke to find a mini-cruise ship the privately owned 161 foot Yacht Mystic moored on the dock opposite us…we were only slightly larger than its tender..oh well…there will always be a bigger boat.

Port Antonio has been visited by pirates privateers and trading vessels for hundreds of years.  They are a friendly people with an immediate smile when you look at them and they are a mix of every shade, a result of the years of race mixing in this crossroads of the seas. The town and is a colorful mix of the old Jamaican traditions with shops and vendors aplenty in every direction.   It is easy to spend your money here and they are only too happy to take it as Jamaica relies heavily on its tourist dollars to support their economy. 

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