Friday, April 30, 2010

Ile La Vache, Haiti - April 10 - N18.06 – W73.41

We arrived in Ile La Vache after a crossing of 214 miles in relatively light conditions which meant it was a motor sail.  Better that than slogging into heavy wind and seas which are typical for this time of year.  Still traveling with S/v Fruko we met up with Michele and Isabelle S/v Oef and met Tony and Suzie on S/v de Capa.  The four of them had been in Haiti for a couple of weeks helping with relief efforts after the terrible earthquake on mainland Haiti.  Even tho the island is miles offshore the people here felt the effects and many were suffering the after affects that resulted.  Despite all they had suffered, we found most of the young people well clothed (most newly contributed thru the efforts of the aid brought into the country) and were eager to do any sort or work to make some money.  Thru the efforts of Tony and Suzie and Michele and Isabella there is a plan to raise enough money to build a new town dock which would enable better access for boats arriving to load and unload their cargo.  The bay and anchorage are ideal for cruisers trying to make passage east or west between Jamaica and Dominican Republic, our next stop.

We left early on the morning of April 13 and spent the first couple of hours dodging the fish pot, traps, nets and small fishing skiffs in the large open bay.  Apparently, so we were told, it is a trick of these wily fishermen to catch unsuspecting boaters in their nets and then claim damage and hold them ‘ransom’ until reparations are made.  I felt somewhat more at ease working our way thru this ‘minefield’ being one of four vessels transiting and making it more difficult for the fisherman to surround any of us.  Alas, all was well and we departed for the 118 crossing to Cabo Rojo, DR.

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