Friday, April 30, 2010

Negril to Mosquito Bay April 3 – N18.26 – W078.06

Time to start moving East and so off we headed for Mosquito Bay a short hop of 25 miles…into the winds and seas.  We had been checking weather and looking for a weather lay down day, something other than 20kts on the nose…but that’s just about what we got and we were happy to make anchorage in this small almost hidden anchorage.  Lucky for me I had Luis waypoints or with the pounding surf you cannot see this opening in the rocks and with the sea conditions being what they were, I decided to run the opening with our main up (not something I would recommend), and we verily flew thru the opening into this lovely quiet spot quite protected from the wind and pounding surf. 

There is a small outcrop of dwellings further up the river inlet and Luis was able to get a local to go and get diesel, but there are no amenities available. The advantage of this stop is its access to Montego Bay by land if one feels the need to visit Mo Bay.  We chose to bypass and headed east 77 miles to Oracabessa Harbour

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