Friday, April 30, 2010

Grand Cayman Island to Jamaica – 198 Miles Mar 30-31 Arr: N18.21 W78.20

First Stop Negril….not for the faint of heart…or the bashful! – HOLD ON THERE LADDY….PUT YOUR PANTS ON.

I had heard of Negril, from a previous visit to Jamaica in the 70’s. I heard it was a wild a crazy place.

We had arranged to meet up with Luis and Sophia (Sv Fruko), whom we last saw in Cuba, here in Negril, because it was the first landfall coming east for us from Cayman. It also made life easier for us in a country with strict quarantine laws as the chances of meeting any officials was remote.

We arrived after an easy passage with half of the trip able to sail in favorable conditions and the rest was an easy motorsail. The anchorage is a large bay protected and enclosed on three sides exposed only to the west making it a safe anchorage. However, the east and north winds do get into the bay and it is common to see whitecaps…a great place for solar panels and wind generators.

Bloody Bay is quite developed by resorts on all sides and is energetic with its abundance of happy vacationers engaging in all manner of water sports. The setting and the beautiful beaches are appealing and the bay settles in the evenings for beautiful sunsets.

We were met by Luis and Sofia who have sailed from the Port Antonio to meet up with us. It is always great to be met by friends and familiar faces that already have the lay of the land. Luis friend was associated with the Club ‘Breezes’ very graciously provided us with full access to this beautiful exclusive club tucked away in this rather remote place called Bloody Bay.

At this point I can only use the expression we learned in Cuba…”it is better to see with your eyes than hear with your ears”…as in, I’m not sure I can do justice to how pleasant and plush this experience was. If ever you want to get away from it all in an all exclusive facility in one of the most beautiful places on the planet…you might consider this place. There was nonstop buffet including champagne, the beaches are white and covered with bodies in various states of blissful embarrassment :o) (I do believe they should have a weight limit on thong’s…but that’s just my humble opinion.) This is not a place for the faint of heart when it comes to dealing with the human form in all it’s varying sizes colors and description. And for those of you who enjoy that voyeuristic streak in you there is Club Hedonism II on an adjoining acreage….we wandered thru and were struck with the abundance of beautiful pools and shaded plush lounging areas with a view to the sea that is breathtaking…not that anyone might notice with all the other local ‘scenery’ to digest. The Piass da Resistance was an evening Toga Buffet Party. An assortment of cuisine of delectable delights to meet every desire, (the best roast beef was outstanding, as was the chocolate mousse), the mounds of delicious delicacies was eye boggling and mouth watering. And if that wasn’t enough, it was outshone by the assortment of dress that showed up… you had to see for yourself to believe it…ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime. My oh My…! Keeping in mind that some of them must have believed the basic premise of a Toga party is…what can you cover with a table napkin…only one! some cases couples needing to feel matching in their finery arrived in the latest of shower curtain ensemble…however, hmmmmm…..there were those for whom this experience was obviously not their first and arrived in appropriate apparel for the evening experience….My oh My! Handsome and Beautiful in their comfort…I can only say it is the best excuse for keeping fit I can think of!. Thank you!....My oh My…I’m a gonna pay for that!. I should say that this was a ‘clothing optional’ dress party’…in other words, you could either wear a Toga (provided at the front door) or remain in your street clothes…we chose the latter option, thank you!

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